Coconut Charcoal


Coconut Shell Charcoal is widely used as an efficient industrial fuel for laundries and Blacksmithing. It is also used to produce activated carbon which got so many industrial and beauty applications. Since Coconut Shell Charcoal got the capacity to absorb molecular species its widely used as a purification agent.

Coconut Shell Charcoal is created by burning the coconut shells with limited air supply where it’s weight is reduced by 70%.

At Visma Organic the coconut shells are dried using waste heat from the process and charcoaled in enclosed pits where there is no release of pollutant gasses into the atmosphere.

The pollutants (green house and acidic gasses) released during the manufacture of charcoal are to be combusted in a boiler to generate steam which will be in turn capitalized on the upcoming project (Coconut Milk).

With all the commitment and latest technology, Visma Organic produces following types of high quality charcoal to the nation.

Granulated charcoal

Lump Charcoal

Granulated Charcoal

Visma organic is one of the charcoal manufacturers in sri Lanka

Size : 2 x 4

Size : 2 x 6

Size : 2 x 8

Soon in Coconut Milking


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